Mixed Media Images

Creating mixed media images involves:


  1.  Creating a textured background using a variety of brushes, colors, blend modes and opacity changes.
  2. Isolating the main image by removing or hiding the background
  3. Applying several different filters, blend modes and opacity changes to multiple layers of the main image which allows the textured background to display within the main image itself
  4. Adding text, newspaper print, vector graphics, sheet music etc to a portion of the image (optional)
  5. Painting in the details that were removed during the processes described above.  In the horse, the hair in the mane and whiskers were painted in.

To see a brief video overview showing how the Horse was created, view: horseProjectInfo.html or download   horseProjectInfo.mp4

kaliMultimedia18 by 22smaller

To see a brief video overview showing how the Dog was created, view: .dogProjectInfo.html  or download: dogProjectInfo.mp4